The manager who brings the Italian wine in the world


The italian wine, which continues to be an important item in the trade balance of the country, every day deals with the inevitable challenge of internazionalization, aware that operate globally has become a must and that to present itself abroad needs aggregation, joint ventures and partners distribution, without losing the identity of a brand as strong as the made in Italy.

VINO-LORENZO-TERSI-03[1]And if the Wine Spectator, the most prestigious international publication of the wine sector, identified only in sixth place an italian wine, a Chianti Classico Castello di Ama-San Lorenzo Great Selection 2010, – which added to the label “Great Selection”, with the intent to intercept the global demand for luxury wines -, we have to wonder how the Dow’s Vintage Port 2011, portuguese wine, has been recognized as the best wine in the world, followed by the australian Mollydooker Shiraz McLaren Vale Carnival of Love 2012 and another portuguese, Prats & Symington Douro Chryseia 2011. What strategies lead these wines to rise through the ranks, beyond the intrinsic quality of the product.

VINO-LORENZO-TERSI-04[1]This is a question that we might turn to Lorenzo Tersi, one of the most experienced operators in the wine in Italy, even in view of the Expo 2015, which will be held in Milan from May 1st to October 31st, 2015, and that will made, inside the Italian Pavilion, an autonomous space, recognized, dedicated to Italian wine experience. Lorenzo Tersi, founder of LT Wine & Food advisory, is a manager and consultant who has a long career and who actively promote the issue of aggregations, partnerships and mergers and acquisitions in the wine sector, in addition to treating processes of strategic and communicative positioning of companies operating in this field. In the foreground, he deals with the processes of change that are going in the direction of internationalization and generational change within the management team, with the constant aim of spreading the quality and growth of Italian wine. Since 2010, Tersi coordinates the marketing of the “Consorzio Chianti” and he dealt with join operations such as bringing the brand Fazi Battaglia in Campari, he had favored a venture between the wines of Montalcino, and he had done the startup of the Fendi family in wine world. Recently, he dealt with selecting the wines present on the table of Casa Italia, on the occasion of the Football World Cup in Brazil, and not for the first time, having already been called for the same reason by the Purchasing Section of the Italian National Team at the time of Trapattoni, Zoff and Paolo Maldini. He also was scouting as a technical consultant to find wineries and wine producers interested in entering the Italian

VINO-LORENZO-TERSI-02[1]Vineyard Fund, sponsored by Torre SGR (Unicredit members and Fortress), to identify vineyards, land, farms and wineries trying to exploit them in the long term. The wine sector is crossed by a number of important changes. What is the profile of the typical Italian company today? The charm of the wine that is generated by features of the area of origin with micro-environment and the natural cycles interwoven with their rituals are typical characteristics of traditional companies, today the company – market requires cultural and economic changes. The players in the sector who want to seize new market opportunities need to adapt themself and innovate. Tips for business owners of the wine that will be present at the Italian Pavilion of Expo 2015? Expo will certainly be an international showcase for manufacturers, but also the opportunity to devote specific attention to wine tourism, to the city of wine, the wine routes, the local culture and beauty related to Italian wine, also thank a partnership with regions of the Italian Pavilion. We will have the task of make known the beautiful, the good and the sociability of Italy. In the world of wine is there a generational change as happened in politics? More than anything in the great wine families has been for some time now a process of integration between the model based on “Italian family imprint” and the presence of managers and external human resources. Being able to grasp these opportunities abroad also means being able to look far and support the processes of change that are looking to the future of the world of wine and take care of processes of strategic marketing positioning and communication.


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