Maserati, classical italian luxury


It is the 100th anniversary of the famous luxury car manufacturer from Modena which, on 1 December 1914, was founded by  Alfiero Maserati and his brothers Ettore and Ernesto.

It was only in 1926 that the first real automobile left the factory, a racing car named “Tipo 26”, which rose to fame during its debut at the Targa Florio, when it achieved the first of many successes that were to glorify the future of Maserati.

CentennialThe first road vehicle, the A6 Granturismo, only arrived in 1947. A few years later, the talent and flair of Maserati amazed the public once again when it presented the first models of the Quattroporte generation. A brand new market segment was born, that of luxury sports saloon cars. In the Maserati family, everyone was wild about engines, or nearly everyone, since brother Mario was an artist; apparently he was the author of the famous trademark inspired by the trident of the Neptune Fountain in Bologna.

In fact, the formula of the unquestionably unique Maserati style lies in this same mix of motors, art and classical taste. The buzzword of the so-called “House of the Trident” has always been “inspiration”, not to mention the classical precepts associated with the design of sports cars. Engines, certainly, but also style and luxury, as indicated by the reflected shadow of the proud Maserati logo.

To underline the company’s consistent approach to automobile manufacturing, a phrase has been coined to mark the centenary celebrations, which sums up the concept perfectly:  “The absolute opposite of ordinary”, because cars certainly do not come any less ordinary than these. This strategy has enabled the Modena-based car manufacturer to become a successful brand in the United States, where it has an appreciative following, and in China, Maserati’s second most important market; but the company also operates in about seventy other countries.

Whoever chooses Maserati, knows that nothing he has paid for is standard, no matter whether it is a mechanical, design or luxury feature. There are not only horses under the car bonnet but a meticulous attention to detail that makes each vehicle an object of luxury and great class, entirely made in Italy.


Presented at the Detroit motor show last year, the new Maserati Quattroporte is the absolute synthesis of fifty years’ history of the “Quattroporte” brand. The new car is a distillation of technology and power, combined with extreme luxury and a particular focus on comfort, which has lead the Trident to create an aluminium chassis.

Pure, unadulterated power roars under its hood; in fact all models are fitted with the new direct injection twin-turbo 3.8 litre V8, with 530 bhp and 710 Nm maximum torque, as well as the unprecedented twin-turbo 3.0 litre V6, with 410 bhp and 510 Nm maximum torque, along with other versions.

Another great novelty making its first ever appearance is the Q4 all-wheel traction system, only available on the V6S. And this same incredible boost propels the Maserati Quattroporte under the five second barrier in its leap from 0 to 100, 4.9 seconds to be precise, two tenths more than the eight cylinder GTS model.



The Maserati Alfieri, the hard-top prototype specially designed in honour of its founder to mark the brand’s 100th anniversary, will probably be much more than a car, destined to become an authentic manifesto of the new Maserati philosophy.

Inspiration has come from the A6 GC S of 1954, hence its long hood, compact rear-set cabin and graceful lines.

The stylistic definition of the sketches conceived by the designers was entrusted to real sculptors, with the intent of creating a truly harmonious object with emotional appeal, as the natural outcome of the Maserati evolution. The chassis supporting this concept is that of the Gran Turismo MC Stradale shortened by twenty-four centimetres, in other words, pure agility. Under the bonnet, as well as the inevitable trident, its 4.7 litre Ferrari V8 engine develops a 460 bhp at 7000 rpm and 520 Nm at 4750 rpm. Thanks to a special manufacturing process, the sound emitted by its exhaust pipes is quite remarkable.

The new model represents the height of luxury; its cabin design is impeccable, in pure Maserati style, and perfect for those wishing to combine a powerful vehicle with refined and exclusive sobriety.



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