Duca di Salaparuta and Duca Enrico between tradition and innovation


The winery Duca di Salaparuta, founded in the early nineteenth century (1824) by Giuseppe Alliata, is actually one of the major leading companies in the wine-making industry.

Becoming part of the ILLVA Saronno group in 2001, the company started to export its products already from the fifties  of the twentieth century.

A capable mix of tradition and innovation, is one of the strongest points of Duca di Salaparuta, that by the personal reinterpretation of a wide range of historic wines, is trying to treat new paths, togive life to original and innovative projects, but not forgetting and building on its tradition.

It is exactly because of the new interpretation of Nero d’Avola, as well as a rigid and strict selection of the vineyards, that Duca Enrico is born. Its extraordinary organoleptic character is officially recognized at international level and forms together with Bianca di Valguarnera, one of the most ancient white wines produced by the winery and between the best of the Sicilian wine tradition, one of the most representative and prestigious icons of the brand of Salaparuta.

Augusto Reina Presidente di Duca di Salaparuta
Augusto Reina Presidente di Duca di Salaparuta

The production of Duca Enrico, which first vintage is of 1984, was born from the purpose to study an innovative product, that at the same time would be in line with the highest expressions of the wine tradition and based on this the turning point in wine history. It meant first of all a fine research of the most adapted cultivation areas and sequentially investments in plantation systems of the grapevines as well as in the procedures of wine aging. These preliminary studies have led to discover in Nero d’Avola, the lord of the Sicilian vines, from the particular form of a little tree, cultivated in the south-east of Sicily, especially in the own wine property of Riesi, where its particular warm climate is tending to dryness, creates  the most perfect atmospheric conditions for the cultivation, the wine that with its features, was the most appropriate to help with success the planned goal to reach of Duca di Salaparuta.

New challenges are waiting the prestigious brand of Salaparuta that is pointing their attention to more international and high level partners, that will appreciate the quality of Duca Enrico, from its perfume and its powerful, strong and lightly persistence taste, assigned to accompany the fine palates by tasting the best courses of the culinary tradition.


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Import in Switzerland by:
ILLVA Lugano S.A.
Via Canonica 4
6900 Lugano



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