Made in Italy: excellence in fabric gains a following in New York


Founded in 1945, Ratti is one of the biggest producers of printed fabrics in the world. The company is based in Como, which since the 15th century has been known as the town of silk. Silk production was introduced to the region by Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan, and from that moment on its fame has known no boundaries.


With heritage going back to the very beginnings of silk production, over time Ratti has developed and extended its composite and technological skills to different types of natural fibres.

In addition to its own collections, bridging women’s right through to furnishings, Ratti works with the biggest international luxury brands such as Ferragamo. This position has been achieved through a constant search for beauty on the part of the employees working at every level of the company, from design teams to management, from marketing to production.

La_Cultura_del_Bello RATTI

 “Experiencing silk is just as much as an art today as it was in the past,” said founder Antonio Ratti, laying down the foundations of the company’s expertise. Ratti takes care of the entire fabric production cycle, from the creative phase right up until the piece is finished with weaving, dyeing, printing and setting.

Today annual production exceeds 4 million metres of fabric. Export counts for about 70% of total turnover and the company also has offices in New York and Shanghai. Ratti has been listed on the Milan Stock Exchange since 1989 and since 2010 it has been part of the Marzotto Group, world leader in the wool, cotton and silk market.

Lo_spettacolo_della_seta RATTI

Knowledge of the past generates the future. For this reason, with support from the Ratti Foundation (with its extremely rich archive of fabrics), the Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York opened (in 1995) the Antonio Ratti Textile Center, one of the biggest and most advanced centres for the study and conservation of fabrics. An example of how Made in Italy and artisanship are fundamental elements for excellence.


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