Burmester and the art of listening


German company Burmester has been producing high quality sound systems since 1977. Since its inception, the company’s vision has been to create audio components by expertly mixing impeccable sound quality and timeless design.

German technicians assemble by hand all the components in the Berlin-based factory; indeed for Burmester the Made in Germany label carries an important value as it is synonymous with efficiency and excellent technology.

Encapsulated in the company slogan The art of listening is the firm’s philosophy and objective: to offer the highest sound quality and the greatest fidelity to the music track. A guardian and mediator of musical heritage, Burmester uses innovative technologies to gain full access to music. The production process for the final product is therefore long and is broken down into a number of phases.

Initial designs are followed by prototypes and then by the final product which is entirely assembled in-house. At the end of the production process, 300 computers test everything, conducting sound and listening checks on the equipment. Only after a week-long careful selection process is the product put on the market. Its utmost attention to detail, both at a technical and technological, and design level, has made Burmester a pioneer of audio, creating a series of legendary items that over time have gained iconic status across the world, both in terms of their outstanding design and their clean lines and chrome panels that make them real works of art.

2009 marked the start of the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Burmester: two companies with a shared vision, the best or nothing. The excellent sound quality of systems produced by Burmester struck Mercedes- Benz managers who recognised that the company would be the perfect partner for creating cars with impeccable audio systems.

The result of this synergy is the Mercedes- Benz S-Class. An inimitable partnership as it lets the driver experience something totally different: to drive a car with an elegant and harmonious design, with an exceptional engine whose sights are set on a zero CO2 emission future, combined with the excellence of a listening experience purveyed by an innovative sound system, designed by artisans over four years in different materials and colours. Listening to music becomes true enjoyment of the art at its extreme.



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