Natural music by Opere Sonore


Made of Norway spruce, Opere Sonore speakers connect to music players (from record players to the latest iPod), vibrating and reproducing the melodies of operas, concerts, solos as well as the latest hits or instrumentals like jazz, making your hairs stand on edge as they would at a live performance.

Thanks to a collaboration with Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino, Fiemme Valley wood was present throughout EXPO Milano 2015 in the project Arti e Mestieri: le mani sapienti, suono perfetto! fitting out the listening space at Castello Sforzesco.

Fabio Ognibeni, where did this idea come from?

Drawing on 25 years’ experience as a creator of sound boards and musical instruments, I wanted to offer the customer the pleasure of natural music and live performance at home. Opere Sonore are home speakers that work like musical instruments, naturally reproducing the music they receive from a normal CD player or iPod.

What are the key features of the initiative at Castello Sforzesco in Milan?

For the first time in the world this installation gave visitors the opportunity to listen to five of the most famous violins in the world as though in live performance. The sound was not artificial, reproduced through membranes of plastic; it was natural, resonating exclusively through the vibrations of wood, like in a real violin, though without the strings…

Opere Sonore play music in a way that is natural, adapted to the physical-acoustic features of the environment in which they have been installed, that is, they offer an experience that gets as close to a live performance as possible. What does luxury mean for you?

Luxury does not have a value in money, rather its value lies in rarity and exclusivity. Opere Sonore cost the same amount as a motorbike, but they are rare handmade pieces and only very few exist in the world. And as they have the life expectancy of a violin, they can be handed down from generation to generation.

Many figures in the global art scene appreciate this niche creation. What do you think people like most about Opere Sonore audio systems?

I think it’s the magic of owning an item that plays divinely from a simple wooden membrane without a speaker. It’s an object that reminds us of the power of nature (resonant wood) and the value of Stradivari, an unparalleled artisanship dating back some 300 years.


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