“Art is like a rainbow, endlessly fascinating.”


Can you measure wonder?
We tried. We counted THREE GALLERIES between VENICE and CORTINA D’AMPEZZO; 40 YEARS of experience; more than 11,000 square feet of exhibition. But, above all, it’s our way of perceiving beauty that makes CONTINI HOUSE so surprising. Much more than just an art boutique: a REAL HOME, where you will feel welcome every time you long to TASTE WONDER.

40 years on the art side.
ART feeds on PASSION.
PASSION feeds on EXPERIENCE. That’s why the 40 years of experience by STEFANO CONTINI are so precious.
The first gallery, opened in 1979, has been joined by two more in the middle of the town of Cortina d’Ampezzo, thanks to continual participation in international art fairs, which often ends up creating strong relationships between Stefano and the artists.

Today the main CONTINI HOUSE is settled in a five floor building in Venice, hosting an impressive collection of prominent artists: the homage to IGOR MITORAJ, who was involved in a fraternal bond with Stefano; international masters such as ROBERT INDIANA, FERNANDO BOTERO, ZORAN MUSIC and JULIO LARRAZ, who have been and continue to be regular guests at Stefano’s events, as well as emerging Italian painters such as ENZO FIORE and MARIO ARLATI. What has never changed is the daily, PASSIONATE COMMITMENT that drives Stefano Contini to continuously organize new PRESTIGIOUS EXHIBITIONS every year, tirelessly seeking the new sign of beautiful.

A unique experience, from the heart of Venice to the preciosities of Cortina, undisputed queen of Dolomites.
Only such a SPECIAL CITY could inspire OUR PHILOSOPHY, merging the PRESTIGE of EXCLUSIVITY with the warmth of a FAMILY ATMOSPHERE. Only such a wonder of nature as Cortina can magnificently welcome our two other centers of exposure. A unique experience we call BY CONTINI, providing you a constant,PERSONAL and DIRECT contact with artists, because there’s nothing like discovering the artwork through its creator. Fine art collectors will be eligible for a membership to the prestigious and exclusive CONTINI CLUB, because beauty means also the PRIVILEGE OF BEING FIRST.

Julio Larraz
An Homage to Julio Larraz
Venice, June 18th – October 23rd, 2016

Igor Mitoraj
Mitoraj in Pompeii
Pompeii, May 15th, 2016 – January 8th, 2017
An extraordinary exhibition of around thirty bronze sculptures by the late French-Polish artist is taking place in the ancient archaeological site. Pompeii was the site Mitoraj had always visualised exhibiting his artworks. A flow of visitors there is such that is thought to prolong the duration of the show.

Stefano Contini


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