A passion called furniture


In Italy there still exists a deep knowledge of the most refined furniture of times past. And this is crucial for revisiting the classics of the golden periods of the history of European furniture, in particular the English and French traditions, constantly reinventing them while leaving the spirit of yesteryear untouched. Each piece created from tireless curiosity, focused on expressing elegance.

Provasi is one such example: excellence accompanies its designers and the individuals who passionately enjoy their creations, with particular attention to the most sought-after effects: the interplay of proportion and colour. This quality means that pieces coming out of production are not identical; artisanship has always been synonymous with those variations that guarantee the uniqueness of each piece, the absence of seriality.

The harmony between the different collections is also interesting for interior designers. A prerogative recognised at an international level that means no piece will ever be better than another, but that rather a comparison between more recent and more dated creations will showcase a piece’s ability to exist in every period of time and in the most diverse decoration styles. Emanating from this is an overwhelming sense of elegance that brings timeless sophistication to the fore; tiny details near impossible to identify, but which contribute towards creating the identity of each piece and making a truly unique and exclusive whole.

At the Milan International Furniture Fair, Provasi presented the ideal home in which each space revealed total and unique beauty to create a truly sensorial and aesthetic experience along a coherent yet surprising expression of taste. A large hallway welcomed guests with its interplay of beige tones, enhanced by embroidered fabric panelling.

An obligatory stop-off on the journey of discovering the infinite varieties of Provasi elegance was the main living room, divided into two zones by a light-filled patio. In all spaces curtains and the clever use of ornaments play a decisive role in creating the perfect atmosphere while the chandeliers add an extra je ne sais quoi with their 18 lightbulbs in the secret room and 36 in the main living area.

Two names of expertise, St. Louis and Baccarat accompany Provasi in its search for style: a reaffirmation of its characteristic excellence and elegance, an achievement reached through strong company roots.


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