Bimota: Let your emotions run fast


Since its inception in 1972, Bimota has based its activity on one philosophy: perfecting the motorbike both in terms of technology and aesthetics.  In line with this credo, Bimota has primarily sought to research the materials it uses to make the components of its motorcycles, a specialisation that has made the company a leader in the technological sector of sports bikes. Employing fully processed light metal parts for accessory components has created a new way of pairing style with functionality.


In its first decade of activity, Bimota greatly contributed towards creating an identity of advanced technology for two wheel vehicles. The 1980s marked a milestone for the company with the presentation of the “Tesi” model in 1983. The development of the Tesi model, which to this day does not use a fork as a structural element for turning and shock absorption, has seen composite materials being used for various bike components, such as the chassis, swinging arm and supports.


The Rimini-based atelier presented its new models at the International Motorcycle Show 2015 (EICMA). Tesi 3D RaceCafe, a reinterpretation of the Tesi, stood alongside Tesi 3D Naked, meeting the requirements of the new Cafè Racers market segment, where technology and electronics come together for a simpler driving and running experience.


Bimota Impeto, the latest Hyper-Naked model, offers the opportunity to improve performance by adding optional parts from the Bimota Experience, such as the composite structure chassis and fork, light metal and structural carbon tubes as well as dashboards featuring a coloured TFT screen and GPS with automatic circuit recognition. New emotions for the road.

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