When comfort becomes lifestyle


Comfort, technology, patents and style are the elements that set apart the entrepreneurial spirit of Geox. An adventure initiated in 1995 when Mario Moretti Polegato had the long-sighted vision to find the answer to a universal problem: letting feet breathe. A focus on design has culminated in the development of the company style that embraces creativity as a symbol of Italian excellence (70% of Geox turnover comes from exports). Here to talk to us is the patron of the company himself.


How is innovation constantly applied to your products?

Investing in technology has made Geox a leader in the lifestyle segment with a presence in 114 countries with over 1,170 stores, 470 of which are managed directly. Though our first patent is the one for which we are best known worldwide, our team of research and development engineers is constantly breaking boundaries. For instance Amphibiox technology still features the thermoregulation of original Geox shoes while stopping water from coming in, keeping feet dry whatever the weather.

When did design become part of your growth?

Combining Italian shoes and innovation makes us an example of an Italy that is relatively unknown: the Italy of technology. To create a concept of lifestyle, design is as important as our patents. From this view, the new Geox Cuoio collection is targeted at customers, such as business men, who prefer a leather rather than a rubber sole. Frequent flyers also find having one pair of shoes that are both comfortable and smart to be a great advantage for making the most out of limited space in their hand luggage. The latest Geox novelty summarises our philosophy: Nebula, a casual shoe with a touch of glamour, featuring breathability that adapts to the seasons and extreme comfort, is the result of research into pressure points of the foot, conducted in collaboration with university research centres.

Which countries are the most strategic for your expansion?

We primarily target the European market, particularly the UK and Russia. Beyond Europe, we are taking a gamble on the United States and China, understood as Greater China, where we have just signed an agreement with a local distributor that will open, over the next five years, about 350 sales points in addition to the current 70 directly managed by us in Beijing and Shanghai.


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