Like inside a pyramid. The new collection from Gianluca Saitto

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Imagine Egypt, its magic, its history, its elegance. Now, imagine it transferred in the details of a modern dress, and across a high-fashion collection.

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It has been thus portrayed by eccentric couturier Gianluca Saitto, who engages each time with topics that are far from ordinary to give shape to his creations. From the architecture of China to alchemical rituals, from the splendour of the Tsars to Klimt’s art nouveau painting, his passion for art always finds a new way to manifest itself, whether this be in the style of a dress, the features of an embroidery or an antique item furnishing the atelier, which Gianluca himself went to find at an auction. It will not be a coincidence that an icon in Italian music such as Patty Pravo, fascinated by his flair, entrusted him with her images.

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In the collection inspired by Egypt you can find the turquoise of lapis lazuli which plays with scarab green, the sand of the desert which brings out the gold of the Pharaohs. The cuttings are geometric, and they commemorate the linearity of the pictures and the angularity of the hieroglyphs, the regality of Isis and the sacredness of the great priests. The embroideries are invariably dedicated to the scrolls and sacred animals such as bees, born from the tears of the Sun God.

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Gianluca Saitto is an enthusiast of this culture at the beginning of civilisation, and it would be impossible not to perceive this when he explains his garments, when he speaks of the revolutionary Pharaoh Akhenaton or when you catch sight of sketches of his work across from a photo of the legendary eye of Ra that inspired it.

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Little more than a year ago, he created all of the costumes for the mise-en-scene of the Coppelia ballet at the Cairo Opera House, studying a historical reconstruction which was adapted to his own style. And, it seems that his work must be much appreciated, because soon there will be an encore on the stage of another opera.

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