Ralph Hall: Animal Liberation


There was once a world where man lived in harmony with nature, in harmony with all species of our planet “: says the Italian-French artist’s Ralph Hall, which appear as the beginning of a fairy tale granted by “they all lived happily ever after”, in a world that respects and perfect nature. But his art is made of ceramic sculptures and performances, self-centered and bizarre only in appearance, shows the cruel truth, pointing the finger at those who have crippled quell’edenico “once upon a time”: the man.

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Born in Verona by Italian father and  French mother, Hall lives and works by moving constantly between his hometown and Nice, performing in numerous exhibitions, both collective and personal. Ralph Hall is an autodidact artist: indomitable investigator, guided by the firm belief that an artistic result is perfect only after years of study and investigation. Avid stubbornly to pursue his fight against animal abuse perpetrated by man.


The sculptures are of a terrifying beauty. Hall chooses ceramics for his sculptures, because living material and old, post-modernized by his inner self, through a special technique: cooked in special ovens to obtain the “biscuit”, is then subjected to the flocking process, which makes it adhere the sculpture of the fibers of different colors (called flock) through which the sculptures are covered with a velvety surface that you perceive the softness and warmth, as if the mantle of a real animal.


The soul of ceramics is tinged with the pain that an abused animal, made of the artist’s empathy, even made real by its performance., even made real by its performance.


In “Tooth Brush” and “The Last Video” (in 2012), up to the recent “Last 2.0” (performance realized at 56th Biennale of Venice, at Art Basel in 2015 and the London Freeze), Hall is totally personified the animal kept in captivity, wearing cages fell on his head, writhing to live and express impotence to escape from a narrow space: the only way that man has to cease to stab himself or an innocent rabbit, is the art, which leads to reflection and to the reawakening of that primordial, but essential instinct to be part of nature, and therefore animal has a soul.

Vincenzo Chetta


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