The Great Euro Toques Chef: Carmine Calo’

Scritto da Exc Mag

Carmine Calò, born in 1978, already at 16 years in the kitchen of various restaurants. He arrives in Tuscany after the trial of its capacity in Italy and abroad. After that, he need to have an own kitchen. In the Marche a good restaurant gave him a position and he works there for oneyear. After that he detects a restaurnat in the area, “The Cantuccio” in MonSampolo.

Without thinking twice, with a guy meet in the restaurant, they reserch an unique goal: doing what they really liked. The boy in question is Fabrizio Merlini. Carmine enjoy the freedom and approved research the knowledge of the raw materials with the direct production of herbs and vegetables, but also this is too short for the Exuberance Duo. In 2006, the transfer in a historic villa of the same Village. Carmine says, “Here I developed the foundation for my type of cuisine, based on the simple products of the territory, drawing inspiration from some recipes, reworked.”

Carmine Calo' Piatto

Carmine always uses the latest technologies convinced that the right way to respect the organolettiche properties of raw materials. Now Carmine Calò August 2012 directs the kitchen of Restaurant “Borsari 36”, located in Palazzo Victoria Verona.