Table Parade by Boffetto


Round, rectangular, squared, oval?

Shape is the primary element when choosing a table. Not just for personal taste reasons but especially for adaptability to space ones.
Then the material of the surface is the second element/thing/aspect of the choice considering besides space adaptability, the personal taste and the match with others furniture elements.
In the Boffetto Form to Furniture catalogue, it’s possible to choose among a wide range of materials such as marble, wood, crystal and the innovative solid surface, looking for your ideal table.
Seven are the lines proposed, different according to mood, design, taste and thought.

FUNNY: to use the letters of the alphabet as basis and playing with shapes and finishing. Il Letterrario, projected by Simone Micheli, is a table that gives style and personality to every space, thanks to all the possible endless combinations between letters and materials. The surface is available in 4 versions, 3 rectangular and a squared one, in solid surface, wood, marble and glass. Letters are about 76cm height.

HELICOIDAL: the wooden or solid surface base of Plectrum, designed by Stefania Tieri, is like a vortex, showing/expressing dynamism and energy. The shape of the surface, available in solid surface, marble or wood, is modelled on the one of a guitar pick, giving the table a peculiar and unusual aspect. Plectrum is able to combine “social” benefits typical of rounded tables with the need of an innovative product.

GEOMETRIC: take a pyramid and put a parallelepiped on it…it’s not teh beginning of a puzzle but the concept that Emanuele Svetti develops through hisJoin, a table in which the strength of materials (marble, solid surface and wood) is enriched by the rigour of primary shapes. The base is in solid surface, while the surface is also available in marble and wood.

DIALOGICAL: a metal base that stretches/gets longer on the surface with subtle graphic inserts, dialogues with the materials of which the surface is made. There’s an open discussion between materials of Magnifica, designed by Maurizio Favetta, that allow a big range of shapes and composition possibilities. Four versions, three rectangular and a 150cm squared one. The surface can be in solid surface, marble or wood.

HARMONIOUS: Heart lines, by Alessandro Antoniazzi and Ivan Sesini, flow in harmoniously creating a gentle graft between the solid surface layer and the lacquered metal base. Rectangular shape choice and solid surface as the only material, define clearly the consistency of the project.

SCULPTURAL: a decorative base evoking an abstract forest is the main aspect of “Gli Oggetti della Foresta” collection by Daniele Menichini. Round or squared, it is a table with a dark oak surface and metal structure with brass finishing, extremely social and with several composition possibilities.

POETIC: the wavy motif characterizes My Wave line, designed by Mamo Studio. The base, that takes advantage of plastic capacities of solid surface in the best way, joins the elegant crystal surface, making it the best partner.

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