Veleno dorÉ – Extrait de parfum


“In the depths of a remote forest, the powerful snake king lurks patiently in the shadows, waiting for his prey. When the king strikes, his victim is turned into gold on contact with his extraordinary venom. Veleno Doré recounts this ancient tale where, after death, something sublime emerges”.

 A sublime intuition. A mysterious revelation. Veleno Doré is a unique fragrance, refined and exclusive. Its olfactory pyramid… never completely revealed.

This chypre extrait de parfum develops from the heart of an exceptional ingredient: the tobacco leaf and Indonesian patchouly embraced by warm and elegant spicy notes like rum, nutmeg, Jamaican chili, vanilla of Madagascar, amber, black cherry.  The rest is a book written by is author in which the final is left mysterious…

The perfect key to seduce unanimously him and her, without any distinction!
Veleno Doré is the result of a meticulous research and of a passionate attraction for perfection. Everything is imagined and conceived for a fragrance well finished in detail. The packaging, of a rare elegance, is handmade and mirrored refined with a black lacquering; the notes are precious and enchanting: a “poison” to which nobody won’t give up once “tasted”.

Veleno Doré symbolizes the most oneiric part of Laurent Mazzone and encloses the quintessence of his olfactory nature. Veleno Doré is the mirror of the soul of its creator. All made in France.

Head notes: rum, nutmeg, chili
Heart notes: tobacco leaf, patchouly
Base notes: vanilla, amber, black cherry

Extrait de Parfum 100ml – €395

Available on Laurent Mazzone Parfums website and in all official Laurent Mazzone Parfums retailers.

About Laurent Mazzone

“When I am engaged in this exciting and fascinating adventure that represents the world of fashion, perfume seemed to me as a must already well beyond the mere accessory. Its trail sketches the outlines of a mysterious figure. It plays with materials, alpacas are more elegant, silk gets more voluptuous, mohair gets more caressing, gabardines get warmer… It gives colour to black. I like black for its mystery, its impudence, its aura, its refinement. I like clean lines to curves underlined, bold cuts, surprising asymmetries. I also wanted to express my passion through a line of perfume that is like me, which tells my affection for fine materials, subtle patterns. I met composers of perfume that I admire and whose designs fill me with wonders and emotions. Their olfactory writing appeals to me, authentic, refined, different, unique … I let them trick me with my words, take me to my dream timeless fragrance” L.M

About “Gold Label”

Gold Label is the most luxurious collection of Laurent Mazzone Parfums. The compositions of the fragrances contain a very high quality of ingredients. Each bottle is housed in an indulgent and luxurious black lacquer casing. The collection is comprised of two fragrances: SENSUAL & DECADENT (2015) and VELENO DORÉ (2017).

About Laurent Mazzone Parfums

Launched in November 2011 by Laurent Mazzone, Laurent Mazzone Parfums (also called LM Parfums) gets its’ inspiration in the esotericism of religions, giving to the perfume house an inexplicable and dark aspect. In constant contemporary artistic research, its founder also calls upon renowned perfume creator expertise of niche perfumery world. Each fragrance is unique, granting each an outstanding personality, with a powerful sillage and recognisable among so many others. Four collections are available: White Label, Black Label, Silver Label and Gold Label.


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