Antrax IT, the warmth of Christmas


The atmosphere, the warmth, the lights, the party spirit, the flavours and the sounds, looking forward to good times together. Christmas is fast approaching and we have to get ready as best we can to welcome the most magical time of the year. That’s why we have an increasing desire to create the right atmosphere, full of warmth and joy.
Antrax IT warms up Christmas with some of its most iconic radiators: Android, designed by Daniel Libeskind and Teso Colour, designed by Dante O. Benini and Luca Gonzo, with the latter being given a shiny red finish for the occasion. Antrax IT has turned the radiator into a real interior design feature that can enhance and personalise its surroundings, even at Christmas. Heating styles change and the radiator design concept finds new, and often surprising, ways to express itself.
That’s how Antrax IT brings warmth and colour to rooms, using heating solutions that create a sense of well-being not only for their function, but also for their characteristic colours. As well as red, Antrax IT offers over 200 different colours in its catalogue, allowing you to ‘dress’ your radiator to meet your own personal tastes or needs – you’ll be amazed at its design and performance.
Android and Teso Colour bring warmth into your home, creating just the right atmosphere. Thanks to their design, they attract your attention and blend in perfectly with the surroundings, ensuring high levels of heating performance at the same time as saving on energy.


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