Five-star home care


In the face of continually increasing life expectancy, it is important to know that there is a company with an innovative approach offering home care to the elderly and non self-sufficient people at exceptionally high standards, on a par with those of a top hotel. We are talking about Spitex Città e Campagna Sa, a brand which has operated in the home care sector across Switzerland for over 30 years, providing a wide range of highly efficient medical and nursing services as well as help with domestic activities, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at home, in hotels, care homes and holiday homes. The concept is one of comprehensive private assistance which covers all daily needs, personal accompaniment and assistance, accompanying clients on holiday, shopping and medical appointments as well as recreational activities: cinema, theatre, concerts. It includes basic personal care, all domestic duties, house cleaning, managing clothing and laundry and meal preparation, with caregivers and in-home nurses going to private homes as well as care homes, clinics and hospitals.
In addition to nursing care, services include night duty, all interactions with doctors or the hospital and administration. A full service is provided even with difficult cases or in delicate and complex situations such as assistance for the terminally ill, oncology patients or those post-surgery. Staff are carefully selected and very well prepared; by always being with the same professionals, and avoiding rotas, clients can build up relationships which makes them feel safe and means they do not have to repeat their requirements every time. A strong and always professional relationship of trust is established in a calm environment, and this is how the staff also manage relationships with family members, including those abroad. The client is at the centre of everything, they are king and are treated as such by Spitex Città e Campagna; in fact, Spitex can guarantee a completely tailor-made service, the concept on which the agency’s mission was founded. The service is always personalised, with respect to personal habits, according to the user’s lifestyle, culture and preferences. The staff speak various European languages as well as Russian and Arabic and are selected according to criteria for good compatibility, taking into consideration the clients’ personality and more individual needs.

We ask founder Dominik Baud how the idea for the company came about. It was 1982 and I was in Bern. We were the first to provide this type of service in Switzerland and the boom came quite quickly. A couple of years later, in addition to our headquarters, the Zurich branch was set up and, over the following years, we recorded exponential growth.
What is the key to the company’s success? I would say with certainly that our success is founded on the solid relationships we have our clients; this has improved the quality of our services, which are personalised and organised to improve their quality of life and developed entirely around their requirements.
How has the company evolved over the years? With the growing demand for nursing care, the company has also grown in terms of its philosophy and is more orientated toward health. In addition to providing all personal care services for clients’ daily needs, the agency has also added nursing care. The word Spitex translates as “everything from the same source”; our professional services are guaranteed and provided by the same company.
Spitex per Città e Campagna is now part of Senevita. Why did you sell the company? Senevita’s development plans were really interesting. They are the leading health provider in Switzerland and I could not have imagined a better future for the company I created. Senevita specialise in homes with social and medical services and facilities and, alongside Spitex, they will develop new proposals for outpatient and inpatient treatment, which will guarantee the company’s continued assistance for the elderly in their own homes.

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