Christmas’ exhibition 2017


Alessandra Carloni, Città-dei-balocchi, 2014, cm 110×90

After the recent personal exhibition “Painted Stories” by Alessandra Carloni, LICONI ARTE, Art Gallery in Via della Rocca 28 Turin, presents a collective exhibition that will last to Saturday 13 January 2018, because we believe that on Christmas is interesting to give Art and Culture. The artists who participated in the exhibitions are present, along with two painters who for the first time exhibit their works in this gallery, Tancredi Fornasetti and Francesco Partipilo, who are therefore part of the Liconi Arte artists. Both face in their research the abstractism, albeit with completely different approaches.
Tancredi Fornasetti, 1983, is the descendant of the famous Milanese artists’ family. Fornasetti carries on a singular artistic quest: his work starts from abstraction to return to figuration, performing an inverse path to what traditionally a certain Art History had used us. In fact, after the advent of Kandinsky’s works and of Attractiveness, the artists were interested in giving up pictorial illusionism; it was seen that from the figuration drawing from the real world, one could come to the abstraction. The Roman artist with his research performs the reverse path, through abstract geometric shapes constructs figuration. As for the abstract component Fornasetti’s models are Mondrian, Kandinsky, Malevich and Soldiers, but with regard to abstract-figurative production, reference is made to Depero’s works; it should be noted, however, how the colors used by the Roman artist are influenced by the digital world today.
Francesco Partipilo, born in 1973, is a complex artist to define. At first impact, it may appear to be related to geometric abstraction, but this is not correct because in its works the geometric proportions are reversed, reinventing spaces. In his turn, the artist’s style is inspired by Optical Art, he mentions the suggestions, but there is no sense of dynamism and taste for illusion. In conclusion, as attested by some critics, Partipilo is considered to be one of the most interesting artists heir to the Movimento Arte Concreta, where the figuration of the geometries of works is to be considered the result of immediate perception, an imaginary geometry obtained through dynamic lines coupled with a chromatic range that often prioritises the primary colors. The artists Gianrico Agresta, Luisa Albert, Luigi Baratta, Alessandra Carloni, Fabio Carmignani, Danesi ArtDesign, Jacopo Mandich, Romain Mayoulou, Daniele Mini, Marina Tobacco and Giulio Zanet presented new works, privileging the small size.

Daniele Mini Orange Buick, 2010, cm 120×120


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