The Italian history of art lives again on the walls, thanks to WallPepper®


Boiserie, frescoes and unique textures created by the effects of time: WallPepper® offers a glimpse into the years of classicism, of the Middle Ages, of the early baroque architectures and of the Art Deco. Both to create a contrast with the contemporary furnishings of a room or to further enrich an elegant home, the new Classic collection by WallPepper® is indeed an exciting time travel, thanks to its stunning arts and details. Classic is a real representation of the Italian history of art, showing graphics belonging to some real places (such as the ones presenting the frescoes of Casa di Livia in Rome) or freely inspired to the parietal decorations and brocades of the Roman Empire, of Baroque, of the eighteenth century or of the early decades of the twentieth century (Art Deco). With the Classic collection, presented in 2017, WallPepper® approaches the tastes of the finest customers who still appreciate the beauty of the oldest decorations and traditions.Thanks to a super high-resolution print, all the WallPepper® wallpapers are well realistic and believable, despite their two-dimensionality. Classic is a collection designed to be eternal; a touching and exciting portfolio, incredibly perfect also to fit in the contemporary settings.

Part of Wallpepper® catalogue, Classic is eco-friendly, PVC free, made of cellulose and fiber, fireproof (certified B1); odorless, transpiring, hypoallergenic and waterproof. Dry removable, it doesn’t damage the plaster and it can easily be removed from walls. It has a high resistance to abrasion, scratches, rubbing and cleaning agents. It’s printed with pigmented inks in a suspension of polymeric Latex; those inks are safe, green and lightfast. The combination of solvent free and heavy metals free medias and ecological inks used in the production fulfills all of the strict standards related to human health. The Classic Collection graphics/WallPepper® can decorate houses, hospitals, schools and restaurants; it is Greenguard Children & Schools, UL, AgBB e Nordic Swan certified.   The Classic Collection graphics/WallPepper® can be chosen smooth or embossed: the print quality and tactile feeling are extraordinary on them both.

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