Sports car performance from a low-voltage architecture


QUANT 48VOLT makes a globally unique statement: the future of electric mobility runs on a flow cell. The Geneva International Motor Show of the last March showcased the state-of-art in fuel cell research: the exclusive nanoFlowcell technology embraces the day-dreaming design of the latest Quant’s son: the new QUANT 48VOLT. This not only stands for the highest levels of sport car performance but also for the safest, the most environmentally compatible and economical powertrain system currently available on the worldwide market. The low-voltage architecture of this car will leave any motors belover breathless with an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.4 seconds based entirely on low-voltage technology, this model has already entered the hall of fame of the new-era electric cars, competing in acceleration and power output with vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. The 2+2 seater has possibly no lack of power at its disposal: the 560 kW all-wheel drive delivers top speeds of over 300 km/h with no need of heavy and expensive super capacitors. What makes this standalone race car so special is the radical new design of its flow cell drive. NanoFlowcell Holdings has succeeded in developing the innovative world’s first ever variably controllable mobile flow cell for a constant source of electrical energy able to provide the same propulsion of race-cars. The excellence only goes for excellence. The superlative car is the worthy heir of the QUANTiNO 48VOLT, a road-legal mid-size sport car with nanoFlowcell low-voltage drive, presented last year at the Geneva Motor Show and put on the road with success in the Zurich city traffic.

Able to run fully electrically for up to 1.000 km in just 8.21 hours for a top speed of 200 km/h, the QUANTiNO was one of the first huge bets of Nunzio La Vecchia, CEO of nanoFlowcell company which is the only research institute in Europe specialized in the research and development of modern flow cells, in spite of the American long-term pioneering role in flow cell battery technology. The key of this utterly unique breakthrough in the automotive industry is the improved membrane structure of the nanoFlowcell and the upgraded connection of six flow cells that allow more energy to be generated and drive the new model to extreme performance at safe battery voltages. The QUANT 48VOLT is forward-looking electric mobility thanks to the nanoFlowcell structure which is not harmful either to human health and the environment with no asking for compromises in comfort, powerful performance or cost. Nevertheless this brilliant innovation could match a wide variety of applications, such as shipping, rail and air traffic and domestic electricity networks, standing out as a regenerative energy carrier with an ecological footprint. Motor belovers and environment friends join the same team with the mystic QUANT 48VOLT.

by Francesca Favero

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