Borgonovo company


The excellence of Borgonovo is the made in Italy realization of “turnkey” projects for high quality hotel and private residences. We offer the supply of services connected to the renovation of spaces, including, if requested, the architectural structures and technical facilities and services: a complete and highly professional operation. The Borgonovo excellence is something that you perceive immediately, because that is the constant purpose of every our action.

How we approach our projects

The client’s satisfaction is at the center of everything we do: the demand for quality of the work, as well as the strict adherence to the budget and the lenght of intervention, our mission is founded on listening to the specific needs of the client, interpreting the project and offering new proposals.

There is quality in the choice of materials, in the care with which we execute every detail. Installations and technologies are accurately made by professionists with a high level of specialization, in the complete respect of international regulations. It is, most importantly, listening to requests, because every client has his unique and particular needs: taking on a project means understanding its sense in depth, suggesting solutions, solving every problem that could be faced during all the phases.

Quality is born from manual dexterity
Many processing steps presuppose the possession of manual skills. Both in the preparation and realization stages of the process, we use manpower with a high level of competence and experience.

Restaurants, clubs, coffees, hotels, theme parks, spas… They are just few samples of what could be characterised for the visual scenographic impact either visually that sensorially. Borgonovo, moreover the partnership with famous architectural studios, offers for years the service of design and scenographic realizations, rely on professionals.

From layout to rendering
The partnership with architects, able to operate both in building and interior design, allow us to offer a 360° service to the client. Client support during all the decision process is fundamental to get results. Next step, useful to confirm what our professional team designed, is the rendering’s development, necessary to offer a complete view of the project.

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