Gandola Studio is the Wedding specialist


A wedding is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. Future brides imagine they will be unforgettable on this day, just as they are in their dreams. Gandola Studio’s professionalism and years of experience mean we can offer a beauty package for hair and make-up which is appropriate for the bride’s face shape and personality and also takes into account her choice of dress and the style of the wedding reception. Gandola Studio takes care of more than just hair, and not only the bride but all her guests as well. She’ll receive plenty of advice for improving the appearance of her skin, her colouring and much more besides, making the bride the true star of the event, and the guests perfectly ready for the day. The styles available at Gandola Studio draw inspiration from fashion and the latest trends.

Romantic Bride:

A full gown with an embroidered tulle bodice makes for a regal and romantic style. Taking into account the features of the dress and its back fastening, our stylist has created a fairytale hairstyle. The hair is wound around itself to create a striking upsweep, crossing over at the back and basket-woven for a very 50s look.

Rock-Chic Bride:

A spectacular and elaborate hairdo for a bride with a liking for rock and who’s not afraid to be bold. The open-weave upswept braid gives a messy effect and creates considerable volume. The detail of the rebellious strand tucked behind the ear further accentuates the symmetry of the face to enhance the allure. This style is recommended for a bride who’s dynamic and sure of herself and wants something different.

Romantic Country Chic Bride:

A two-piece outfit with crystals and exquisite embroidery gives a style that’s romantic but with a country slant. The design of this hairstyle is natural yet elegant, with details that accentuate the bride’s features. Thick, soft hair is left partially loose so that it can move with the wind. Dedicated to brides who seek harmony with nature, but with a touch of class and romance.


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