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Marzio Mazzoleni, Director and Partner of GPM SA

Ticino is a great place to live, offering wellbeing and numerous opportunities.  There are many reasons for deciding to live in Lugano: its incomparable geographical position with marvellous alpine views, parks with flower gardens and high-quality services of every kind. For a better picture of the Ticino property market, we met with Marzio Mazzoleni, Director and Partner of GPM – Global Property Management SA – part of the Gruppo Fidinam, who told us about a new property project currently underway in Lugano and gave us a general overview of the property market in Ticino.
Of the many projects currently on sale in your property portfolio, which would you recommend to someone interested in buying a high-end luxury property in Ticino? “We have various interesting projects for those who enjoy and are looking for beauty, luxury and excellence, but if I were to recommend one, it would without doubt be the Residenza Parco Letizia in Ruvigliana, a project on offer exclusively through GPM. Nestled in the magnificent countryside around Lake Lugano and set on the hill in Ruvigliana, the Residenza Parco Letizia represents the perfect union of luxury, nature and avant-garde architecture. The natural slopes of the hill in Ruvigliana have been transformed into three rows of small independent residences: in total, 16 luxury apartments of varying size (120 – 310 m2) located either on the ground floor with a garden or on the top floor with a panoramic terrace. All have large windows offering sensational views over the gulf of Lugano and Monte San Salvatore, often dubbed the “brother of Sugarloaf Mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil” by the media.  To top it off, a spa with indoor swimming pool, sauna, Turkish bath, a fitness room with the latest equipment and a meditation space enclosed by palm and bamboo trees. I’m proud to have been able to apply my own 20 years’ experience to make modifications to the development’s layout, making precise recommendations based on the requirements of today’s clientele who are more mindful of cost but who don’t want to give up on owning a contemporary property which makes the best use of the space. The modifications have enabled myself and my staff to adjust sale prices to current requirements, making the Residenza more competitive and attractive in terms of what is on the market.

Immersed in a sea of colours and perfumes and set within a garden of cypress and palm trees and flowers, Residenza Parco Letizia is appropriately priced for the market (with prices from just over CHF 9,000 per m2) but offers superior build quality and a finish that is well above the norm.
No detail has been left to chance and even the night lighting, designed by renowned light designers, ensures that in the evening when all is quiet, the lights from the gulf mingle with those of the development to create a magical new setting. The prized surrounding natural landscape packs a strong emotional punch which will take your breath away. “Bricks and mortar” are still a tangible and secure investment over time!”
How is the property market in Ticino? “Despite a slight contraction in the market in peripheral areas, property investment is now more attractive than ever due to current interest rates charged by banks in Switzerland. Lugano has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Switzerland, the third most important Swiss financial centre and a gateway into Europe. Switzerland is a country which guarantees a high level of economic, political and social security and stability and personal privacy, issues which can significantly influence investment decisions, therefore favouring choosing this region. Furthermore, when the Alptransit is fully operational, the distance between the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland and the German-speaking part beyond Gotthard will be significantly reduced and Ticino will be able to benefit from a sort of inverse commute where people who work in a large city such as Zurich will be able to live in Ticino, enjoying our environment and climate, while still being able to quickly reach their place of work. We expect an increase in property values in the medium term.” “In conclusion, in this period of instability in the financial markets and continuous fluctuations in the stock exchanges, I feel compelled to recommend purchasing a property in Ticino to anyone wanting to make an investment which over time will offer a reasonable return and secure capital gains.”

by Maurizio Bertucci


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