Radikal Alchemical Revolution


An unprecedented alchemical revolution, a new olfactory chapter symbolized by the color of passion and rebellion, red. RADIKAL debuts at Esxence 2018, a new project born from the collaboration between the maître parfumeur of Grenoble, Laurent Mazzone, and Mattias Lindblom, leader of the Swedish rock band, Vacuum.

Mysterious, refined and daring, Laurent Mazzone goes beyond the definition of maître parfumeur, he is the incarnation of the multifaceted artist. His refined and elegant personality represents the inspiration of a world where stylistic research arrives in unique creations with a strong emotional power, without compromise.

Composer, writer and singer, Mattias Lindblom is an eclectic artist who in recent years has gone beyond music, deepening writing and poetry. His works express an artistic vision without limits and without compromise.

An ever stronger union between music and perfume that has always characterized the brand Laurent Mazzone and that reaches an almost spiritual level here: the union between two related souls whose streets reflect each other with remarkable similarities in expression of one’s own creativity. The result is surprising, the indescribable unfolds with a rush of passion and pure lines in the fragrances.

From their meeting was born also a song, “Home”, a bohemian poem of 7 minutes whose download is reserved only to the owners of Radikal fragrances. The code to download the song will be inserted in the package.

In Radikal, music and philosophy come together in three 20% perfume extracts, alchemically perfect sillages from the most refined and precious raw materials, in a perpetual search for quality and perfection. In full style Laurent Mazzone.

Extrait de Parfum 100ml – Retail price € 210
Available in Italy in the artistic perfumeries exclusive dealers.


My sacred divine

The true heart of Radikal is the quintessence of the Lotus flower, rooted deep, between the sacred and the divine. The pink freesia, native to the coasts of the Cape of Good Hope, is combined with the finest saffron, able to infuse a particular slightly spicy touch. Once the heart is sublimated, the light enclosed inside it spreads violently, triggering passionate emotions before blossoming.

Head notes: guava, pink freesia, saffron
Heart notes: absolute rose, pink lotus, jasmine India
Base notes: patchouli, black amber, vanilla pods


My dark past

The link between the earth and paradise, details of the absolute flower. A pure touch of candied and ethereal memories. Infused with intoxicating galbanum, bergamot and pink pepper berries, the magic of the embrace of iris butter warms the fragrance with tenderness, giving intensity to the heart and igniting the passion. Cedar, patchouli, tonka and amber finish this explosive dance of flowers in the light of a moonlight infinity.

Head notes: bergamot, pink berry, galbanum, iris
Heart notes: iris, transparent floral, cedar, patchouli
Base notes: musk, amber, tonka beans


My irresistible, addictive fatal

Water Lily is an undeniable attraction, a symbol of rebirth. His alchemical powers are masterfully perfected with a secret blend of western jasmine petals. With the intensity of pink freesia you reach the elevation and powerful awakenings. Sandalwood and lemon peel reflect a charming and innocent ingenuity that leads to the conclusion of a story.

Head notes: lemon zest, cassis, pink freesia
Heart notes: peony, cyclamen, jasmine petals
Base notes: crisp amber, indian sandalwood, liquid musk


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