Art and savoir-faire able to make your eyes happy with visual communication signed by ADN 34


In the swirling modern lifestyle, time for shopping is short and it is precisely for this reason that the aesthetic appearance, originality and elegance, especially for luxury boutiques, become a determining factor for the increase of corporate business.

ADN 34, thanks to its thirty years of experience in the various areas of visual communication, is able to provide the most qualified services: Visual Merchandiser, Window Dressing, Consultancy and Visual Merchandiser Courses, Photographic Shooting, Advertising Graphics, Restyling, Home Stager, Design.

Andrea De Naro: multifaceted artist, designer and Visual, ADN 34 founder, constantly has ideas, it is inherent in his nature, expresses his emotions in the art, juggling between multiple communication sectors, inserting in his projects photographic images alternating with stylized drawings, made by him. A lover of music and drummer for passion, he realizes his projects with the same agility of a child, always searching and discovering new emotions. Alongside Andrea, Marinella Daverio who, like him, is a multifaceted artist, actively participates in every creative idea and succeeds, as if by spell, to identify herself with that fairy atmosphere in which the oneiric merges with reality.A team led by two experts in the sector who are well aware of the needs of a constantly evolving market, which needs sparkling showcases in which to create an ambience that makes the product stand out, which makes the eyes of the beholder happy, building a world to desire and image for the buyer. A sophisticated game of clichés and re- enactments that are elaborated by ADN 34 and transformed into exciting and sensory settings. The background and the lights are also very important, the showcase must have a story to tell and the mannequins should not appear static, but as live figures in their clothes.

One of the ADN 34 mission is precisely to set up dream windows, which immediately strike the attention, that make clear, to the potential customer, that those is the store where he will find the right product. Precisely because the Visual Merchandiser has become a fundamental figure, ADN 34 also offers courses at companies that require it, thanks to teams of experts both in Italy and abroad. Andrea De Naro’s strong propensity for art shines in photographic and advertising shooting, carefully designed to obtain winning results and by the great impact, based on the needs of customers.

But that’s not all, because among the services offered by ADN 34 there is also the restructuring of all types of ambient: apartments, showrooms, stores and corners that are reinvented with elegance and harmony through new solutions, transforming the walls with trendy colors, or even modifying the same furnishings with innovative and eco-sustainable materials. The ADN 34 know-how makes it possible to communicate with creativity and style that, combined with commercial techniques and strategies, transform the showcase into an excellent sales tool.

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