Elite Stone, the luxury brand describes itself


“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”

The cosmopolitan inspiration and made to measure creativity of Tetyana Kovalenko has given rise to the ultra luxury masterpieces designed by Elite Stone, a prestigious Italian company which began in 2000 in Rome. The meticulous, in-depth knowledge of marble in all its aspects – from the chemical composition to the natural characteristics, to the point of reaching the most innovative cutting and working techniques – combined with the passion for design and latest trends, are the qualities which distinguish Elite Stone in the marble industry.

In 2007, a new base was opened for Elite Stone in Carrara, an Italian centre of excellence for the extraction of marble, consolidating relations with the most renowned quarries and with the most skilled master craftsmen of stone. In 2013, the move was made to Verona, a city of great interest for its stone industry, but even more so for the opportunities to meet with architects, interior designers and private customers who, in an extraordinary exhibition space of 50,000 sq. m. of luxury slabs, thus gained the opportunity to personally choose the sheets most suitable for their own bespoke projects. The exclusive collection of marbles immediately attracted the interest of discerning customers and design studios at the cutting edge in the world. Just here in the heart of the Valpolicella, perfection peaked, giving life to the most impressive selection of white marble, all strictly Italian.

excellence-magazine-elite-stoneexcellence-magazine-elite-stoneexcellence-magazine-elite-stoneIn 2015, the company implemented the area dedicated to design creation in order to guarantee an impeccable service to its customers, where the real luxury lies in the high profile service offered by the team of Elite Stone professionals. The process starts with the development of a design concept, followed by its concrete  conception through production engineering and the cutting of the valuable raw material, through to the installation of the work in its final place. Elite Stone has always reflected the excellence of Made in Italy, of which it is an undisputed worldwide spokesperson. The scientific approach is  fundamental, as is the time dedicated to customer care in order to understand, in depth, their tastes and true requirements, so as to always offer surprising bespoke solutions which become an essential, a real must for anyone who loves luxury and dreams of perfection.

2016 was the year of ES Atelier, an amazing 300 sq. m. showroom in Verona, reflecting the masterful balance between the excellence of natural materials and the magnificence of the made to measure and high technology designs, for a luxury style intended specifically to embellish the most beautiful houses in the world.

The latest opening is the marvellous showroom in London, Elite Stone Gallery. At the end of 2017, Elite Stone and the Calacatta Borghini quarry launched the brand-new shop at 74 Margaret Street, Fitzrovia. The most ambitious project to date, linking a luxury processing and design plant to a very valuable marble quarry, giving rise to an unforgettable location where marble invents a new language to speak of elegance and an ultra chic lifestyle.



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