OKHA Mirror Design


OKHA Mirror Design is a Cape Town based interior design studio. We are creators of progressive, elegant furniture and lighting, as well as artisanal objects and contemporary floor art. Our design is inspired by an enquiring contemporary aesthetic and timeless classicism, with a deep respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. We aim to be at the forefront of discerning modern living, and offer a fully comprehensive and bespoke interior design service. Our desire is to continuously explore and refine our aesthetic to better communicate intimate and characterful narratives through the art of design

OKHA collaborates with South Africa’s finest artists and artisans, working hand-in-hand to design and produce limited series and one-off rarefied objects.

REFLECTION, the word, the action, and its layered meaning holds a fascination for us at OKHA. We have experimented and explored the concept of reflection and seeing; we have distorted it, abstracted it, and our skilled artisans have polished, oxidised and etched materials such as copper, brass and timber to create LOOKING GLASSES that go beyond just being visual echoes.

The PORT (Portal) mirror is reminiscent of ripples on water. Two layers of glass are stepped back from each other and ringed by polished copper bands, the depth of which is reflected, and exaggerated in their reflection. As with ripples on water, the stepped glass gently distorts the reflection. The circular mirrors are recessed into a steeply bevelled oak surround, further enhancing the sense of depth.

The title of BLACK RAIN derives from the image of a winters rain where torrents of rain fall at an angle driven by harsh winds; grey tinted mirror conjures dramatic wintry days. The panes of mirror are raked and angular, their reflection distorted by the varying surface levels.

A bottomless black glass box clad in copper box and from which piston-like cylinders protrude. GRID has a minimal, maximal attitude, it is precise and machine like, it is simplicity, and a carnival of reflections and distortion.

As its name states, TRIBE’s roots are firmly grounded in traditional African motifs and artistic expression. Raised mirrored shards are interspersed by vibrantly coloured segments. Each element reflected in the others surface.

SOLAR takes inspiration from Japanese Zen Gardens and Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Simple, pure geometry, backlit overlapping forms and attention to materials and surfaces create an intriguing visual narrative.

Cubist in design, inspiration and attitude, REFLECT is a myriad of geometric planes at opposing angles that disconnect and reassemble the mirror image in the same way that Picasso and Braque re-imagined their own visual reality.

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