Stelle in Fiore: bon ton je t’aime


It is the enchantment of the night’s stars and the beauty of the day’s flowers that have created Stelle in Fiore, the collection by Pasquale Bruni inspired by a dance of leaves which travel like shooting stars in the most precious nights, lighting up with their warmth the first light of dawn in spring gardens.

The contrarié of stars in blossom create embraces of light between flowers and stars, a light that becomes enveloping and free to fly over the skin, with necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. White gold weaves white diamonds and black diamonds, like lovers in the night. Rose gold is illuminated by white and champagne diamonds in the sensual light of the dawn.

The Pasquale Bruni woman is free to choose which light to shine with, Rings in white gold and total black diamonds, or total white or in rose gold and champagne diamonds. Irresistible Stars in Blossom that shine on the woman in all the nuances of gold and diamonds.

The iconic collection of Pasquale Bruni is enhanced by enveloping lines which follow the woman in every movement, creating a harmonious bond. The two nuances of gold, white and rose, follow the shapes of the body and like the stems of flowers, are wound around the muse with lightness and flexibility, thanks to the contemporary design.

Chokers, bracelets and rings, for this new Bon Ton line, a declaration of love by the woman to herself and her nature. This time the flower appears in all its completeness, with its stem and its leaf. Fine strings of white gold and diamonds open in corollas of London blue topaz. The stone of the inner beauty and the truth, capable of putting the woman in harmony with the universe and the divine. Rose gold opens into gems of almandine ruby. The element of fire, linked to the first chakra, the place where roots are put down in the earth and the self is asserted


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