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The Forte Village offers a choice of 21 restaurants where you can enjoy fine Italian and world cuisine prepared by our Resort Chefs: try the sublime cookery of Gordon Ramsay, winner of 7 Michelin stars, for example, or our Belvedere restaurant, the Forte Village jewel in the crown, which serves some of the most exclusive dishes from traditional Italian and regional cuisine. The pleasures of fine dining await you, with recipes from local and international culinary traditions.

Gordon Ramsay, Rocco Iannone, Antonello Arrus and Gianluca Fusto put their signatures on the masterpieces that has made Forte Village an outstanding gourmet destination. From the end of July and for the entire month of August Carlo Cracco and Negrini&Pisani will join them.

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The Chefs

Gordon Ramsay is a world-famous British chef with an impressive collection of seven Michelin stars under his belt. In Italy he works exclusively with Eleganzia Hotels & Spas and, on occasion, organises culinary events at Forte Village. His talent is an inspiring mix of creativity, tradition and innovation.

Rocco Iannone is an exceptional exponent of the finest Italian gastronomic tradition and his restaurant on the Amalfi coast has earned him an illustrious reputation. Here at Forte Village, the young Michelin-starred chef puts his passion for cooking and flair for finding the freshest ingredients into his management of the Rocco Iannone restaurant.

Antonello Arrus perfected his culinary skills at prestigious Italian and international schools like the famous Le Notre Academy in Paris and the “Superiore di Arte Culinaria Etoile” Institute in Venice. Since 2003 he has been the manager of one of Forte Villages most renowned gourmet restaurants, Il Belvedere.

Stephan Hentschel Cookies Cream is currently the hottest veggie restaurant in the heart of Berlin. The man pulling the apron strings is Berlin club operator Heinz Gindullis, known as “Cookie”, who first realised his vision of a vegetarian restaurant above his Friedrichstraße night club 10 years ago. Cookie owes much of its success to its head chef, Stefan Hentschel, who happened to be in the right place at the right time, bringing in his cooking skills.

Celebrity Chef Nights

Welcome to the world of Celebrity Chefs! There is no limit to creativity, imagination, and the desire to experiment and astonish here at the Forte Village. During our Celebrity Chef Evenings the stars of haute cuisine demonstrate their skills beneath the stunning star studded night sky of the Forte Bay Terrace. Every summer, exclusively for you, we present the greatest Michelin-starred chefs and the most famous exponents of international cuisine, from France, UK, Spain, Germany and the most beautiful regions of Italy. Every refined menu features a constellation of signature dishes paired with wines from the most prestigious cellars. Life is for living and top of the range of the exclusive themed evenings at the Forte Village are the unforgettable ‘One of a Kind Nights.’ Each evening has a unique theme involving a special location, extraordinary cuisine, excellent wines and music which floats into the night. Places are limited, pre-booking is essential.

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