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The Heart of Europe is one of Dubai’s most ambitious mega projects, made up of 13 luxury hotels and resorts; it is spread across six man-made islands 4km off the coast of Dubai. This unique destination will be a celebration of Europe, its lifestyle, and traditional architecture and will offer guests unique experiences from European festivals and food to the European weather, bringing rain and snow outdoors in the Middle East.

What is the philosophy behind The Heart of Europe?

The Heart of Europe, by Austrian property developer Kleindienst Group, is one of Dubai’s most ambitious megaprojects. One of the key philosophies behind the project is to bring the very best of Europe to Dubai, including its culture, heritage and lifestyle through traditional architecture, authentic experiences and innovative technology. We even aim to bring the best of European weather to Dubai, with our outdoor snow plaza and rainy streets perating all year round.

When was this idea born and who is the mind of this ambitious project?

Our vision for The Heart of Europe aligns with HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision for The World project, which is to bring the best of all countries to Dubai, to develop Maldives-style island destinations, and to become one of the main players driving innovation in the region. We are pioneering the holiday home concept in Dubai which is seen in most developed cities but has not been available in Dubai.

excellence magazine The Heart of Europe

excellence magazine The Heart of EuropeHow did you manage to safeguard the ecosystem, did you use eco-friendly technologies and materials?

The Kleindienst Group is committed to not only safeguarding the ecosystem but building in an environmentally sustainable fashion, this is achieved through specialised insulation which will conserve up to 70 percent of electricity output, exceeding current standards for sustainable building. We are actively enhancing the ecosystem on and around our islands, for example, in the waters surrounding Sweden Island, our dedicated Kleindienst Marine Life Science Centre is transforming the seabed. Its coral program and on-site coral nursery is successfully growing 100,000 corals per year as well as seagrass and oyster beds.  The development of the seabed into a vibrant coral rich ecosystem will not only benefit the environment but offer unique guest experiences from planting corals to searching for pearls in the oyster beds.

Which countries will be recreated and which one will be the most challenging one to construct?

Major European countries and cities are represented throughout The Heart of Europe’s six islands and 13 hotels, consisting of Main Europe, Switzerland, GermanySweden, St. Petersburg, and The Floating Venice. The most challenging of these will be latest addition to The Heart of Europe, The Floating Venice.

excellence magazine The Heart of EuropeWhat are the opportunities for luxury firms?

There will be numerous opportunities for luxury brands. Firstly, we have partnered with leading interior design and furniture providers for our projects. Furthermore, we aim to include a more authentic European shopping experience for our future guests, where specialist boutiques and artisanal shops will offer a unique shopping experience unlike anything else in Dubai.

What makes Dubai different from the rest of the world?

Dubai has transformed into one of the world’s most forward-thinking cities. It’s a city where nothing is impossible, its unrivalled ambition has turned it into one of the world’s most vibrant destinations and not only a leading tourist hotspot but the worlds 4th most visited city. Its maturing tourism market has sustained extremely high demand, particularly in the 5-star market with average occupancy levels of 85%.

When will it be possible to access the first islands and when are you planning to complete The Heart of Europe?

The Heart of Europe is targeted to be completed in 2020, however the first operational resort, St. Petersburg will welcome guests towards the end of 2018. The heartshaped St. Petersburg island offers guests who will stay at The Floating Seahorses, an idyllic romantic retreat. This charming Maldivian-inspired resort will be home to white sandy beaches which stretch into coral-rich waters teaming with life. At its core, lush landscaped gardens hide private spots and lagoon pools with breath-taking views. This five-star destination is connected to the Floating Seahorses and the Main Europe island at The Heart of Europe by floating jetties.

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