Borgo La Chiaracia: the first five-star smart resort in Umbria


Modern technology has now entered the world of Italian tourism in order to further enhance the exclusive services provided by a unique region: the Umbrian countryside, with its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that recall the shapes and colours, which inspired the Italian precursors of Impressionism in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Borgo La Chiaracia, the resort that is the protagonist of this revolutionary experience, manages to perfectly merge hospitality with local cultural traditions, reaching the summits of culinary creativity that are combined and united with technological innovation. In this latter area Borgo La Chiaracia aims to express the best possibilities of anenvironment involving Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.), which translates into sustainability, comfort, well-being and safety for its guests.


The Borgo La Chiaracia Resort has thus attained the highest possible levels of expertise in audiovisual technology and video communication, providing users with excellentreliability and connectivity by means of fibre optics of the latest generation. 

Anna Ramazzotti, the manageress of the Borgo La Chiaracia, explains: “Thanks to innovative technologies in the field of industrial and civil connectivity, we have identified video-communications as one of the main solutions for the development and growth of communication, in the context of productive processes in the tourism and hotel sector. Our structure has taken advantage of innovative sensor technologies, which offer maximum comfort to customers in a completely automated manner. This is particularly relevant to soundproofing and remote safety systems, devices for controlling levels of temperature, humidity and pressure so as to ensure an continuous and appropriatecirculation of air, in addition to the specially dedicated systems for charging electric cars that the Borgo La Chiaracia Resort offers to its guests.”

Ramazzotti points out that: “These technologies, often totally undetectable and never invasive, are important features that are inevitably setting the pace for the so-called industry 4.0 revolution, which is now becoming increasingly widespread in many different sectors of society. We are engaged in a constant process of research, which means that we analyze and compare the various technologies available on the market that can be put at the service of a demanding clientele, whose satisfaction continually remains our top priority.” “The goal – concludes Ramazzotti – is always the same, that of creating a unique atmosphere in an innovative environment, thanks to a positive experience so that it can remain impressed on people’s minds forever.”


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