Bulgari: watches like jewels


Bulgari has been known for its expertise in jewellery for 134 years, but it has also developed a reputation as a premiere watch manufacturer. In fact, this year marks 100 years of watchmaking for the brand, which does not produce simple watches, but real jewels. Their iconic traits are found in every collection, from the sensuality of the shapes to the coloured precious stones, from the passion for clean and modern geometries to respect for the Greco-Roman roots.

Precious stones, the watches of the Diva collection shine with their own light, giving a riot of colour that shines with feminine elegance. Diva’s Dream watches are designed to capture the splendour of the Eternal City and pay tribute to the charm of contemporary divas.

excellence magazine bulgari

With their rigorous or abstract geometries, Serpenti watches are the perfect combination of the distinctive elements of Bulgari design: passion for colour, variety of materials, innovative craftsmanship techniques and comfort.

excellence magazine bulgari


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