Caravaggio beyond the canvas, the immersive exhibition


MondoMostre Skira proposes an intimate journey – terrifying but exciting – through the spectacular exhibition Caravaggio beyond the canvas, the immersive exhibition, inaugurated this October 6th at the Museo della Permanente in Milan and open until January 27th.

Produced by NSPRD for Experience Exhibitions with the scientific advice of Rossella Vodret and the patronage of the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities, the exhibition is an ideal continuation of the previous Dentro Caravaggio (Royal Palace October 2017 – February 2018).

Like in a theatre, the course unfolds itself in four acts, tracing the artist’s life chronologically through a sophisticated system of multi-projections and a narrating voice that guides the visitors. One of the most sophisticated video mapping technologies – the creation of which required 360 hours of footage and an international team of over 50 professionals – has been used to give a face to otherwise invisible works. Over 40 paintings await to capture you in their mysterious tricks of lights and shadows: be prepared to be amazed by the dark atmospheres, sometimes grotesque, of the most famous paintings, by the unique emotion that only the features of Caravaggio can give. The highlights of the life of the painter, the friendships and the loves, the tragedies and the successes are also reviewed, thanks also to video footages of his places of the soul: the Caravaggio campaign, the studio in Milan, the Rome of Piazza Navona, the flight to Naples and then to Sicily.

excellence magazine caravaggioThe project stems from the impossibility of showing live fundamental works to understand the genius of Caravaggio, such as the paintings of the Cappella Contarelli in San Luigi dei Francesi and of the Cerasi Chapel in Santa Maria del Popolo, the fragile canvases preserved in the Louvre and the Uffizi – including The Death of the Virgin and Medusa – or the Decollation of the Baptist, whose original is found in the Concathedral of Valletta, Malta.

Much more than a simple exhibition, Caravaggio beyond the canvas, the immersive exhibition is an exciting adventure, able to give a unique point of view on one of the key icons of world art history.

excellence magazine caravaggio


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