Milano Fashion Show


On September 23rd, during the Milan Fashion Week, the Milano Fashion Show event took place at the prestigious location of the Liberty Room of the Milanese Circolo Filologico.

The new 2018/2019 collections were presented with the aim of launching the brands that have marched during the fashion week, which will establish themselves in the international and national fashion scene.

The management of the event was entrusted to the actress and host Emanuela Tittocchia and to the presenter and actor Beppe Convertini. To open the show, the special guest Sarli New Land by Carlo Alberto Terranova with his testimonial: the beautiful Angela Tuccia, and then continue with a magical moment in which Giuseppe Fata has paraded his testosculpture inspired by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Seven models have paraded on the Red Carpet wearing the collection of designer Montarone Stefano and curated by Patrizia Zanolla.


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