Noordung: electric bike for music lovers


It may sound crazy, but music and bikes do have something really special in common: they are both able to take you into a beautiful journey. While music brings you to dreamy adventures, a bike has the capability of taking you to unexpected new places and giving you that unique sensation of freedom. But, what happens when music fuses together with bikes? Noordung.

It is in fact driven by these two main passions that Gregor Fras, founder and CEO of this Slovenian start-up, came up with the idea of this technological marvel. With the launch of a pre-production mini-series, called Noordung Angel Edition, the bicycle got the reputation as “the most beautiful bicycle in the world”. Now Noordung launches its first production series of smart urban electric bicycle, after three years of intensive development.

What makes Noordung a precious bike is not only the outstanding design, but especially its technological innovation. The entire bike frame is built from carbon composites, which makes it the lightest “cruiser” frame in the world. The heart of the bicycle is the Boombox – a multifunctional device that brings together Li-ion batteries, two high quality speakers, a USB charger and an air quality sensor. The sensor enables the bicycle’s rider to constantly monitor air pollution on his route while also suggesting healthier alternative routes.

Gregor Fras successfully made is passion for music the soul of Noordung, with up to 100 hours of songs played through the state-of-the-art speakers and an actual band created around the idea. Eva Hren is their leader, one of the most appreciated singers in the Slovenian jazz and folk music scene. The first single and video is already available in online music stores, such as iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

Noordung will be taking to the road in the next few months. Gregor Fras will visit major European cities where he will personally present the bicycle to select potential buyers. Given that only 100 bicycles will be produced, the company will carefully pick its customers, in order to to offer them a completely personalized service.


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