PeelPie: natural bubbles in Champagne style


PeelPie Grain Beers is inspired by the atmosphere, creativity, design, colors, and exclusivity of the boutiques of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan, by the ancient and refined taste of the lands of the Romagna and by the distinctive elegance of the Italian tradition.

These exclusive, innovative and completely natural Grain Beers [i.e. vulgaris birre] are characterized by their unique character and by their soft, round and refined taste, whose long aging on the lees develops a fresh foamy structure rich in fine sparkling bubbles and intriguing fragrances. Thanks to an ancient production process, only natural and simple ingredients are used.

The company was founded in 2011 near an ancient mill dating back to the Middle Ages, at the foot of an century-old castle and near the second oldest Benedictine abbey in history. The first operational structures and the first retail store, created in an ancient shop dating back to the sixteenth century, are based in Civitella di Romagna; the commercial offices are based in Milan.

excellence magazine peel pieIn keeping with tradition, the company’s three labels have been developed with time and care: the first original product, OriGinalìs, is bubbly like a Prosecco, the finest organic vegan gluten-free, AlaìS, is as elegant as a Spumante and the iconic SoàSia La Supreme is as refined as a Champagne.

excellence magazine peel pieTime is the true protagonist of this process, the main ingredient of these exclusive products, which makes them perfect to celebrate the most precious, unique and eternal moments. Thanks to the long aging and maturation process, which develops unique aromas, the natural sweetness is combined with the freshness of sparkling bubbles and the green scent of hops. The artisanal and antique production method uses only natural ingredients, in maintaining the respect for the work of Nature.

PeelPie Grain Beers creates unique aspirational labels, which combine typical European traditions and methlente ods with the desire to satisfy every taste and every need. Their products have a feminine touch, combine well with every occasion of life, every day, every season and moment, at every latitude; and pair with any food, they are entirely natural and organically made. How? Thanks to the unique characteristics of the PeelPie labels.

excellence magazine peel pieexcellence magazine peel pie


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