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The World Food Programme fights against hunger

United Nations World Food Programme fights against global malnutrition. Interview to the President of WFP, professor Sanasi d’Arpe. President Sanasi d’Arpe, what is the World Food Programme’s strategy in Italy and what’s its role in our country? WFP is the

United Nations World Food Programme fights against global malnutrition. Interview to the President of WFP, professor Sanasi d’Arpe.

President Sanasi d’Arpe, what is the World Food Programme’s strategy in Italy and what’s its role in our country?
WFP is the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. In 2017, WFP assisted 91,4 million people in around 83 countries and distributed 3,8 million tons of food. WFP also provided school meals to 18,3 million children to guarantee them nutritious meals and education. 5,000 trucks, 92 planes and 20 ships are on the road every day to deliver life-saving food and humanitarian assistance.

What are the most serious food problems notified globally and what are the preventative activities?
I think that we must speak about malnutrition in the most correct perspective. Many developing countries are recording a raise in the obesity rate, that with food insecurity represents the result of an unbalanced eating behaviour. A double problem for many countries. Today, there is enough food to feed the entire planet, but nearly 30% gets wasted. We firmly believe that if each one of us played a role, we could leave a better world to future generations.

Which was – and still is – the impact of globalization on the food issue?
Profound climate changes, access to food, conflicts and migrations… these reasons remind us all that we need a new overview and we must innovate the future in a sustainable way. It would be a mistake to consider globalisation just from an economic point of view – intended as the economy tendency to become relevant at world level. Globalisation produces changes in a number of respects. It is difficult to ignore it, even if it involves areas of the world that are far from us. If we are able to lead it in a positive sense, it can have an influence on millions of people with positive and important impacts. In order to promote the economic and humanitarian development of these individuals, rich countries and developing countries too have to share values and a common commitment. We all share the values of the prerequisite contained in the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. We believe that the 17 objectives for the Sustainable Development are essential to the economic and social development.

Can modern technologies cooperate to reduce food inequality?
Over recent decades, the cash transfer activity has sensibly increased together with food supplies to feed people in need. Cash transfers are part of an integrated strategy that let the World Food Programme respond more rapidly to the needs, bringing flexibility and agility to the traditional forms of support. These transfers are available under various forms, from traditional banknotes to bank transfers or bonuses till electronic platforms like smart cards or mobile money, that are even more effective. WFP is introducing innovative strategies for a substantial humanitarian aid. This way people can buy food locally, contributing to strengthen local markets and encouraging local producers and farmers to produce more and to be also more competitive.

Mrs. Anita Lo Mastro, Excellence Magazine does not simply publish contents about a world out of the ordinary, but it is in search for ideas and causes to meet.
Publisher Luigi Lauro is very sensitive and inclined to support causes of social commitment, like World Food Programme. The four issues that Excellence Magazine publishes yearly are destined to an audience of readers who belong to important and international families of entrepreneurs. They are often moved, and, above all, concerned about the poorest. Excellence Magazine represents therefore a vehicle through which several charity events are organized during the year. We could cooperate in the next coming events, with the approval of the President of World Food Programme Italy. Excellence Magazine can be an instrument of promotion and knowledge, in order to communicate and spread them.

Mr. President, we can say that excellence is the key word involving commitment and passion. But what is excellence for you?
To restore moral values and I want to specify… the value of loyalty, the value of merit, the value of dignity and the value of legality.

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