Inside Belmond Hotel Caruso Amalfi


Once I read that if the landscape of human emotion was to exist in a country, it would be Italy. And I honestly couldn’t agree more. I have been overlooking the breath-taking view of a magical suite, onto the unreal scenery that is the Amalfi coast. I am left speechless, and not just today. But in the ‘right here and right now’ of every time I visit the Italian coast. And get lost in admiring it in all its beauty. And felt the implacable urge share this sublimity with others. So here’s my homage and reportage for today: Inside the Belmond Hotel Caruso in Ravello.

Belmond Hotel Caruso
Belmond Hotel Caruso

Here I was able to enjoy the most secluded and private tranquillity. The most exclusive suites, characterised by their typical southern charm. Italian luxury at its finest. Exactly what I need in stressful times.

Hotel Caruso
Hotel Caruso

They call it a sanctuary and I couldn’t agree more. The fairytale-like rose garden lead to the impressive view of the infinity pool.. and the sublime coast, spreading in front of you. Here you are honoured with the services of fantastic butlers and a personal chef.

Belvedere Restaurant

Still, you do not want to miss Belmond Hotel Caruso’s delicious hideaway. The nearby Belvedere Restaurant and its panoramic terrace. Here you can fully enjoy of the view, together with the most vibrant cuisine. Experience all of Italy’s most exclusive flavours with fresh and local products at their centre. Chef di Raffaele never fails to inspire me with his dishes. A modern take on traditional flavours and specialities. You might think then that the delicious, unforgettable dinner with the impressive view of the sea marked the end of your day at Belmond Hotel Caruso. Then you only need to step out onto the poolside bar, and drawn in even more pleasure and creativity

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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