Maison Signore: bridal fashion Mady in Italy


We meet Gino Signore, founder of the Maison Signore.

Can you explain the history of the Maison?

Saying Maison Signore means telling the story of a work built on the passions, a solid tradition made by a scrupulous craft production. More than forty years of activity in the bridal world, over two thousand five hundred square meters of showroom in the three flagship stores, five collections, more than two hundred different models of wedding dresses made each year and the acquisition of an increasing number of clients in Worldwide.

The “brides” market in Italy. What business spaces and how much does the high quality tailoring mean to maintain market share?

We have chosen to turn to a slice of the market that purchases handmade products made strictly by hand. The only way to expand is to maintain a high quality standard both in the choice of raw materials and in the use of highly qualified personnel, producing value and implementing our lines respecting our sartorial tradition and made in Italy.

Collezione Maison Signore
Maison Signore – Le Spose di Sofia

Artisan: what does this adjective mean today?

Working with hands in the digital age: the ability to create unique objects guarantees the excellence of our craftsmanship in the world.

The adjective “craft” for us identifies a garment entirely handmade by skilled seamstresses and embroiderers and rigorously produced in Italy using excellent raw materials.

All our lines are Made in Italy. We believe and respect the culture of our country. Craftsmanship is a value that must not disappear.

It is necessary to invest in artisanal training, to bring young people closer to companies and to protect Made in Italy in order to compete on the markets and generate value for our economy.

What do you expect from the acquisition of Le Spose di Sofia?

Further market penetration. With Le Spose di Sofia we added another piece to our project to preserve and spread the Made in Italy around the world.

Office style and research: even in bridal fashion, this area of ​​the company plays a fundamental role as in other sectors of fashion?

Yes, our style office has been fundamental in the evolution of the company. Ever more dynamic and constantly evolving, it imagines, researches, designs and creates real jewels to wear. Every fabric, lace, lace or accessory, is chosen to embellish our clothes and to give elegance and uniqueness to everyone. Digital projects Italian know-how in global competition and is an opportunity not only to make factories more efficient, but also to discover new sales methods and reach new customers.

maison signore le spose di sofia
Maison Signore Le Spose di Sofia

What are the trends for 2019 and what projects does the company have?

The bride 2019 will, if possible, be even more elegant and sophisticated. Future projects certainly include the presentation of the 2020 collections in Milan and in the various trade fairs.

We will use the creative and artistic languages ​​in an increasingly digital way to intercept young brides and make ourselves known by the new generations.

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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