Salon International de la Haute Horologerie: the 29th edition opens today


The 29th edition of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie opens today to offer its guests a unique experience in Haute Horlogerie.

The 2019 edition of the show focuses on innovation and networking.

The LAB incubates tomorrow’s watchmaking

One of the most interesting news this year is the LAB that brings innovation in the heart made of traditional watchmaking of SIHH. Strategically positioned at the center of the fair, this open and interactive space hosts the latest technologies developed by exhibitors, some in collaboration with the EPFL institute of technology, and brings the new audience behind the scenes of the evolving revolutions.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, digital archives, gesture recognition, related functions, personalization, augmented reality will be released in about twenty projects.

The LAB is not just about technology, it also focuses on people. It will be a place for discussion and discovery, to share points of view and create new contacts.

During the week, a team of thirty digital communication students from CREA Genève will be available to guide visitors and conduct seminars on social media and digital content creation. They will be joined by one of the most famous faces of technology, the Pepper robot, which will be at the entrance ready to welcome visitors and take them around.

The LIVE a platform for communication beyond SIHH 2019

Designed with all the comforts of a TV studio, the Auditorium becomes a grandstand for SIHH 2019 and exhibitor brands, with product launches, brand ambassador presentations, strategic considerations, debates on current affairs, discussions and much more.

The four-day program will include about thirty keynotes, panels and interviews addressed to a wide audience, from those who will take part in the fair to Haute Horlogerie fans who will be able to “tune in” from all over the world. All the contents will be broadcast live on SIHH channels and on the exhibitors’ social media, who will be able to make an appointment with their community of followers and exchange live points with them.

The CEOs of exhibitor brands, pilots, astronauts, and brand testimonials are among those who will appear at SIHH LIVE. Every day from 13.15 to 14.00, a special session will focus on the role of online platforms. Terry von Bibra, General Manager Europe for Alibaba and Toby Bateman, Managing Director of MR PORTER (Monday 14 January), Chinese influencer and KOL Peter Xu, with more than 7.5 million followers on Weibo (Tuesday 15 January), will speak and Asher Rapkin, global head of corporate marketing, messaging and emerging platforms on Facebook (Wednesday, January 16).

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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