Face of Venice: Cà Sagredo and the visionary nature of Alessio Benetti


We fill the history of Italian culture with creativity and beauty.
We do this by investigating the visionary nature of Alessio Benetti, an artist of fashion jewelry
grew up and trained at the Atelier of Venetian historical costumes of the mother Bertoldini Giuliana pioneer of the historical artistic costume of the Venetian Carnival since its origins

says Lorenza Lain, director of the historic home of Cà Sagredo.

With the history of Alessio Benetti’s Atelier, the potential of Palazzo Sagredo is exalted as the seat of a cultural production linked to the traditional Venetian arts,
all taken from the wise lens of Mathias Kniepeiss, ambassador for Sony Austria.

Thirty-eight years in which fashion, art and customs were firmly united, breaking the boundaries between the major arts and the minor arts.

This is perfectly demonstrated by a photographic exhibition with the setting of costumes and jewels during the days of the Venetian Carnival at Palazzo Sagredo, the modern seat and cultural center of contemporary Venice.

On the ground floor there is a dress decorated with a flight of silver butterflies,
on the bottom the historical frame of a museum as the exhibition venue.

The dress is signed by Alessio Benetti and has been worn by famous artists and personalities to the sumptuous Carnival festivals of Venice.

Thus begins a long, magnificent journey through a world made of images
and dream clothes.

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