Heading to the Slopes via Private Jet


Ski holidays have always been seen as a somewhat luxury holiday so it makes sense that many people are now using private jets to reach the Alps – this is the ultimate in terms of luxury travel so that you can arrive at one of the many great resorts in style and ready to hit the slopes.  


In addition to the luxury facilities that you get onboard a private jet, it is also more convenient for skiers as you are able to save time as security is much easier plus you are not restricted to the major airports which allows you to maximise time on the slopes. It is easy to see then why so many people are opting to take a private jet on a luxury ski holiday in the slopes.

Increased Flights to Resorts

In fact, flights to airports for ski vacations have increased by a staggering 65% over just the last three years with flights to Chambery and St. Moritz doubling in this time. So, where are people heading to for their ski vacations in a private jet? The top 10 airports for a major aircraft charter specialist have found that Geneva, Chambery and Zurich are the most popular destinations. These are followed by St Moritz, Sion, St Gallen and Bern. These are all fabulous destinations for a ski vacation and arriving in a private jet is the perfect way to set yourself up for an unforgettable vacation.

Resorts with Their Own Runway

Some European ski resorts even have their own runways which eliminates the often lengthy and stressful journey from the major airports to the resorts. A few resorts which boast their own runway include Courchevel (the highest airport in Europe), Meribel, Gstaad and Zell am See. If you want to waste no time at all on your ski holiday then these are the places to go as you can land in style and then immediately take to the slopes. 

Private Jet Chartering

One of the main reasons why there has been such a sharp increase in private jet travel to the Alps is the fact that it is now much more affordable thanks to to jet charter. While it is not cheap, private jet chartering has been made much more accessible in recent years with companies now making it possible to arrange private jet chartering for a single flight or return flight.

More and more people are taking private jets to the Alps and it is easy to see why. These are luxury vacations so there is no better way to arrive than in a private jet with a wide range of facilities and privacy onboard. Not only this, but a private jet is a convenient option because it can save a huge amount of time and hassle so that you can arrive feeling fresh and ready to conquer the mountains.

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