Marc Jacobs: Christy Turlington Burns has closed the fashion show in NY


Marc Jacobs has closed the New York Fashion Week giving a show that few designers have been able to offer during the Big Apple fashion shows.

Her sensual woman shows her appeal by shouting obsession with oversized proportions and crinoline layers, as well as for her soaring silhouettes, thanks to the use of headgear that bear the signature of Stephen Jones. All this is pervaded by an iconography inspired by a Victorian style wardrobe.

Strong character and essential vision connote an impact collection, with a silhouette halfway between the elegance of haute couture and the party dress. Because you can dare to join the various worlds, and with great style.

The spotted hoods, the egg coats, the Prince of Wales trousers and the cashmere pullovers, combined with the “back to school” floral skirts, bring us back to a 50s flavor. But the cool detail is in the maxi flakes. Baveri and necks are noted without hesitation, in graphical profiles by couture.

The use of gray and black, wise and well dosed, enhances and celebrates the body and its sensuality. A two-color palette, punctuated by different shades of fuchsia, green and yellow, reigns supreme. The classic shirt is not lacking, but is desecrated with see-through inlays and a velvet bow. The classic shapes and cuts of women’s clothing are reproduced with new intensity.

To give even more character to the show we thought Christy Turlington Burns, legendary model who reappeared after closing the games in the nineties, wearing a dress of black feathers and leather boots, with a makeup so imperceptible, that it seemed that the face was totally natural.

I turned 50 on January 2nd and I’m at the point where

why not

is my answer to Marc and all the questions I’m asking myself

wrote the top model on his Instagram profile, explaining the reason for his return after over 20 years.

Affirmations that take us back in time, when the courage of free thought and the originality of those who thought outside the choir dominated the runways.

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