The bartender world champion Bruno Vanzan launch Iovem, his first Spirit


The bartender world champion Bruno Vanzan chose the Honesty Club of Milan for the world launch of Iovem, his first spirit, obtained inspired by some of the drinks spread in antiquity such as mead and vinum mulsum.

The first striking feature of the product made and launched by Vanzan, also known for its television appearances, is the purple color, obtained in a natural way from the grape skin. Iovem, already on sale online, is a product designed for mixology and Vanzan has created the first cocktails with the new ingredient: it is Lampo Sour, Iovem Mule (purple alternative of Moscow Mule) and Thunder Tonic.

In addition to the spirit of Vanzan, the evening organized on March 1 was an opportunity to present Honesty, a local located at 79 Ripa di Porta Ticinese and built by the communication agency Probeat.

The restaurant is developed on two levels, for a total space of 400 square meters, with design by Centropolis Design. On the ground floor there is a cocktail bar and a 70-seat restaurant that aims to open continuously. Upstairs there is the real metropolitan club with access by invitation and with a card reserved for regular visitors: there are over seven hundred cards already distributed by the property among important figures of the Milanese scene. The space, dominated by seven mirrors representing the seven deadly sins, lends itself to the organization of business events, cultural formats, parties and fashion shows

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