Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Out of the Box Designs for Moncler


Moncler has once again struck in the world of fashion with their extremely peculiar padded full-length collection by Valentino‘s creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Piccioli Moncler

The collection of twelve colorful floor-length dresses with full skirts was created by Pierpaolo Piccioli– one of nine designers invited to reinterpret the outdoor clothing company’s down jackets as part of this year’s Moncler Genius collections.

I am after a balance of dreaminess, extravagance, and soulfulness

said Piccioli

I involved Liya Kebede in the process, creating something true to her, to Moncler and to my own sensibility. Connecting diversities is my idea of inclusive creativity

I guess we could say that these Moncler coats are some sort of weird art

The models were covered head to toes with these padded coats with bulbous sleeves. Another hood was draped around the head and shoulders, whilst other Pierpaolo Piccioli‘s dresses were entirely off-the-shoulder with large bows at the back and trains that dragged along the floor.

Piccioli Moncler

There is no better way to show how time-honored traditions, like our artisans’ work, have a place in modern fashion than this partnership, working with Pierpaolo Piccioli and Moncler.

Piccioli Moncler

The skirt of one yellow dress with a delicate part around the bottom extended from the hood to the floor creating a full three-sided tent-like cover. The apparels were created by Pierpaolo Piccioli in collaboration with model and stylist Liya Kebede, whose label Lemlem inspired the patterned trim details based on African textiles.

Piccioli Moncler

The collection aims to show the craftsmanship of the artisans in a context in which they might otherwise not be seen.

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