SCREENERS by GUCCI, the new sneakers with a distresses effect


Alessandro Michele is unstoppable. His minimalist, baroque, possibly irreverent style fond of references has changed Gucci’s fashion and likely changed it for good.

An unmistakable narrative that celebrates imagination, countless inspirations all merged in collages rich in aesthetic contrasts, with kitsch and pop hints and original takes on artistic codes from the past.

A history of success, both in terms of figures and popularity – besides reporting a 35% increase in sales, Michele was named 2015’s International Designer of the Year, and is the only Italian so far to have been listed among TIME’s 100 most influential people in the world.

excellence magazine gucci screener sneakers

Jewels and watches, décor objects, fragrances and accessories: no product category featured in Gucci’s collections  escapes “the Michele effect”.

The latest new in are the Screener sneakers, named after a defensive move in basketball and other team sports used to block the opposing defender from the side or from behind, so that a teammate can score or catch the ball.

excellence magazine gucci screener sneakers

Inspired by vintage sportswear from the‘70s in their tapered line and rounded tip, the Screeners come in a mix of materials – rubber for the sole, leather for the back label – and detachable crystal chains.

The standing-out feature of these sneakers is their distressed effect giving them a worn, stained look, for battle-ready shoes.

excellence magazine gucci screener sneakers

Is this yet another provocation by creative genius Alessandro Michele?

Completing the label’s Cruise 2019 collection, the Screeners can be purchased online on Gucci’s official website, and are available in three colors.

Letizia Bellitti
Letizia Bellitti
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