Sustainability takes shape at the Salone del Mobile 2019


The 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile offered several interpretations of the art of living. Upon exploring the inevitably vast range of various new takes that are presented each year by 2,400 exhibitors from 43 countries, we have selected some of the most-trodden paths in colors and decorations following the trend of forsaking minimalism in favor of modularity and functionality (and multi-functionality).

A constant, standing-out growth has involved two driving forces that are slowly revolutionizing the furniture world: the careful choice of environment-friendly, low-impact materials and production systems, and the deepening dialogue between furniture and technology for more comfortable living spaces.

No to minimalism, yes to color and geometry

Extreme minimalism seems to have been left behind, at least for now. Monochromatic and monomaterial sober designs give way to Bauhaus styles: neat geometric lines and extreme functionality, as well as contrasting primary colors matched to create striking, distinctive spaces.

About colors: blue, green and all the shades of the earth

Three are this year’s protagonists: blue, green and all the earthy hues, coloring upholsteries, varnished decorative panels and interior finishes.

Trends are set by specific tones of each color, as pointed out by Kalina Kalarus, European Marketing Coordinator of Fritz Hansen: “Midnight blue and mustard yellow are our colors for this year, and we’ve used them for both new products and relaunches of models from the past.”

Warm, earthy colors ranging from ochre and mustard yellow to orange-red are featured in all pieces  ̶ accessories, upholstered furniture and libraries ̶  to follow the already mentioned trend of shaping warmer and more welcoming living spaces than the interiors we’ve seen over the past few years, dominated by colder, faint and neutral colors.

Green is still playing a key role in interior designing, where it often comes in tones of sage and other shades easy to match with other colors.

Forest green is also growing more and more popular: “Forest green and pumpkin orange brushstrokes: these are the colors that serve as the foundation of our 2019 collection”, confirm Flou’s official press release.

The centrality of green is also tied to the charm of nature, a founding concept of various collections shaping different aspects  ̶ colors as well as sustainable materials and processes  ̶  for a new culture of design where sustainability is getting more and more real.

A mindful approach to design

Sustainability takes shape. From a mere slogan, it has turned into a comprehensive process, an overall view of design considering its environmental impact in creating new living styles.

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