Versace and its Eccentric Home Collection at Fuorisalone 2019


Milan Design Week is surrounded by high-end brands, that sit on extreme luxurious concepts.

Many incredible exhibitions will be displayed throughout the city of Milan, from Salone del Mobile to Fuorisalone.

One of the brands that obviously stands out in every brand was Versace.

excellence magazine versace home

During Fuorisalone 2019, they presented, for the first time, a new set of items that focus on outdoor pieces. It was also feature furniture capsules, including Pop Medusa, Medusa, Jungle, Rhapsody and Logomania.

excellence magazine versace home

The Versace Home Collection is obviously inspired on mythology and pop culture, as you can see on the Medusa designs, and also the presence of a large spectrum of neon colors.

excellence magazine versace home

The Medusa it’s an iconic element that has been part of Versace’s identity for a long time, so it was something that had to be present. These neon colors represent the latest trends of 2019, that sit on the concept of reflective and eccentric colors.

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