“Arte e Salute”: an exhibition on prevention at Palazzo Pirelli in Milan


Palazzo Pirelli’s Spazio Eventi in Milan has inaugurated a collective contemporary art exhibition titled “Arte e Salute. Alle radici della prevenzione” (“Art and Health. The Foundations of Prevention”), promoted by SIBioC (the Italian society of clinical biochemistry and molecular biology)and part of the digital project “Family Health”, aiming at raising awareness on prevention as the first crucial tool to take care of our health.

Standing for a rich heritage of culture, traditions, identity and memory, the Tree has been chosen as the key theme of this collective exhibitionthat relies on the expressive potential of “artistic” storytelling as an aesthetic and symbolic key to convey the fundamental messageat the core of the “Family Health” project inspiring the artworks: making people aware of the importance of knowing their own clinical historyand their family’s one,in order to plan and follow a tailored and efficient prevention program protecting their health.

The exhibition features 35 works created by a group of prestigious contemporary artists andyoung talents, tracing an interdisciplinary exhibition path that harmonically depicts visual suggestionsand recounts cultural references, for visitors to reflect on individuals and society’s well-being.

Starting from a multidisciplinary approachthat treasures the enriching exchange of different know-hows and languages, the exhibition “Arte e Salute. Alle radici della prevenzione” highlights the importance of arts in conveying and spreading socially meaningful values and messages, while encouraging a wider reflection on the role played by Art as a valuable ally of Health ̶where Health involves not only the physical and material aspects of humanity, but also emotions, psychology and social interactions.

As curators Francesca Bianucci and Chiara Cinelli precised

it is all about centering the debate on Man, whose aspirations go well beyond mere primary “needs”, and embrace the immaterial impulses that determine human actions in every aspect of living. Art plays a crucial role in satisfying such aspirations, thus contributing to individuals’ well being. As an element joining the Earth and Sky, the Tree is possibly the most emblematic representation of this tension animating human beings. Painting, sculpture, photography, collage, textile arts, illustration, fractal art and installations: the exhibition covers various art forms

they conclude

where heterogeneous poetics and varied styles intertwine by ranging from the figurative to the conceptual, through hyperrealism, symbolism, abstract and pop art


Mario Campanile, AnnaLaura Cantone, LeoNilde Carabba, Claudio Caserta, Chiò, Silvia Cibaldi, Elisabetta Cusato – Eliscus, Pino Di Gennaro, Gian Paolo Dulbecco, Lello Esposito, Valerio Gaeti, Emilio Gianni, Daniela Giovannetti, Ugo La Pietra, Le Sauvage Décorateur, Margherita Leoni, Domenico Liguori, Lucio Liguori, Pasquale Liguori, Simona Lombardo and Alberto Pigato, Maria Mulas, Claudio Onorato, Valentina Piacenza, Carlo Previtali, Tiziana Priori, Daniela Rancati, M&G Redaelli, Edoardo Romagnoli, Monica Rossetti, Marco Rossini, Jeannette Rütsche – Sperya, Luca Sciortino, Marcello Sèstito, Anna Sutor, Luciano Mello Witkowski Pinto.

The exhibition will run from May 15 to 29, 2019 – FREE ENTRY
Opening hours: Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 5.30pm  Friday  9.30am – 1.00pm

Emanuela Zini
Emanuela Zini
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