Carrara marble and a millennial wood: here is the 2 millions euro table


What do a block of white Carrara marble with millennial New Zealand wood do together? A table, for two million euros.

It is called “Timeless” to emphasize the millenary characteristic of the two materials.

Presented at the Milan Furniture Fair, the table was designed by the Italian-Albanian artist Helidon Xhixha and created by a group of 12 companies, made in Italy excellences.

The table, 5 meters long, contains a sophisticated latest generation watch.

The stainless steel surface is made by Xhixha by sculpting the material with a cold working technique: the steel was molded, then welded and finally polished to obtain the mirror effect. Inside, between the two materials, a led light band.

To complete the project, a Murano glass seat designed by the architect Marco Piva is produced following the precepts of the ancient art of Venetian blowers.

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